Abbey to become a Harry Potter theme park

Holy Catholic Church is indefectible. Christ promised that He would be with us always and that the Church would prevail over all the attacks of Hell.

He didn’t promise that the Church would survive where you live.

Keep that mind as you consider your own vocation and your own participation in the life of the Church.

From the site of the SSPX:

A Cistercian Abbey in Quebec Transformed into a Harry Potter Theme Park

The abbey of Notre-Dame du Lac was a Trappist abbey near the Lake of Two Mountains in the Laurentides. Founded by French Trappists expelled from France by the Republican laws of 1880, it was once home to 177 monks who lived their lives at the pace of the Divine Office, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and manual labor.

But since that time, the abbey has been emptied, another victim to the crisis of vocations, the conciliar reforms of the liturgy, and the adaptation of religious life to the world. As a result, the huge building that once housed an agricultural school was sold in 2007 to be transformed into an educational, cultural, and tourist center. The last monk, Brother John, left the abbey on March 28, 2009.

The former abbey is now about to be turned into a Harry Potter theme park, based on the series of novels that tell of the adventures of the young sorcerer.

For the tidy sum of $80, visitors can “experience a full-scale immersion class in sorcery. People will really have the impression that they have entered into the universe of Hogwarts and Harry Potter,” announced the Journal de Montréal in its May 26, 2018 issue. The sinister inauguration is scheduled for August 4.



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